Dec 9, 2011

Social Media Defense

A new beverage accessory detects photo flashes and fires a flash back at the camera, ruining the exposure. Low-tech privacy for media sharing?

Nov 21, 2011

QR Code Infographic

Here is a great infographic from showing the growth of QR codes.

Nov 17, 2011

2011: Canada’s Year of the QR Code?

As we approach the Christmas season our mailboxes get stuffed with the usual dead-tree marketing messages- BUY! SALE! GIVE! DONATE! – but this year I’ve noticed a mainstream addition. Quick Response codes (QR codes) are popping up in flyer-land from all sorts of vendors, bridging the gap between traditional static media and mobile audiences. This leads me to believe that QR code tech has moved beyond bleeding edge, to mainstream adoption for Canadian markets. Continue reading »

Nov 15, 2011

Slick Case Studies, Buyer Beware :-)

Proof that the ad industry can make anything AMAZING.

Oct 6, 2011

New Metric for Facebook Page Admins – “Talking About”

Administrators of Facebook pages are noticing new metrics for engagement in Facebook Insights. A revamp to the Facebook metric tool (and associated API) has now added the number of people “Talking About” a brand or page – ensuring that engagement metrics (and therefore content quality) are more important that simple “likes”. Targeting a brand’s reach brings to light word of mouth conversation between friends, amplifying messages throughout the social network, and an important fan recruiting tool.

With the new Page Insights, Pages can:

  • See how posts they put on their Page reach people on Facebook – beyond their fans.
  • See Total Likes, number of Friends of Fans of a Page, the new public and internal Pages metric, ‘People talking about this’, and Weekly Total Reach of a Page
  • Optimize content for posts -whether they’re photos, videos, questions, etc. – see what’s working best at reaching the most people, and how to increase the viral nature of these posts.

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Sep 21, 2011

Social Network Frenzy! Google + and Facebook Change it up!

Google Plus, recently only open to beta users is now open to anyone. If you’ve got a gmail account, you are “good to go” – head on over to and take this network for spin. If you are new to the buzz over Google +, you’ll enjoy better ways to control privacy over things you share, the ability to “follow” users (ala twitter), great mobile compatibility and video chats that beat anything out there.

Not to steal thunder from the Google + launch, Facebook added a slew of new features (twitter-style following, etc.) and a brand new layout to disrupt it’s very vocal user base.