What is ULink?

You may have heard about a new University portal system that will be coming your way soon. But just what is a portal and how will it affect what you do on the web?

The ULink web portal is designed to provide centralized access to all the information you’ll need as you interact daily with the University. It is not meant to replace existing systems such as Moodle or the Bridge, but instead consolidate the various systems into one location. Your access to the portal is also through one login, giving you a gateway to all the services you’ll need in one simple step. The new portal is designed to make the web experience more personal and engaging.

Student input has been a major driver in the development of the portal over the last year. Through a variety of focus groups and user experience sessions, student feedback has helped define what the portal will be. The input you provided was remarkable and gave the project team a better understanding of how students use current systems and in which ways the portal system can enhance students’ online experiences.

The most commonly used services and features of interest to students were identified and incorporated into the portal, providing easy access to dates and deadlines, grades, account balances and course registration. And this is just the start, as new features will be continuously added over time, including the introduction of faculty and staff in future phases of the project.

For more information on how to get involved and further updates on the ULink web portal project, please check the portal blog at http://blogs.ulethbridge.ca/portal-update/.

University of Lethbridge