How to post Announcements (Faculty & Staff)

The University of Lethbridge’s student portal includes functionality that allows university staff and faculty to target messages to specific audiences.

How to Send a ULink Announcement
Step #1 – Develop content

When developing your message for the portal, please be mindful of the following guidelines.

Announcements must:

  • Be relevant to all students within the audience targeted
  • Must enhance the student experience
  • Not be redundant (within the announcement itself, or refer to information already posted)

Every announcement must include:

  • An author (name, title and/or department)
  • Reply-to contact details (for students to contact for more information), and if different than the reply-to details, who the publisher may contact for more information

Please try to keep all announcements under 150 words.

Note: Content may be edited for length, clarity, voice etc.

Step #2 – Identify who the announcement is for

Please select the category or categories of students below to receive the message:

  1. Undergraduate students
  2. Graduate students
  3. Lethbridge Campus
  4. Calgary Campus
  5. Edmonton Campus

Note: we are not able to target Faculties or departments at this time.

Step #3 – Identify time frame

Announcements must be timed appropriately and have a proposed start and end date for publishing.

Step #4 – Submit your announcement to the publisher


Does your announcement include?

  • Author
  • Contact information for students and publisher
  • Student group targeted
  • Start and end date

Messages should be submitted one week prior to posting, with the student group clearly identified to

Announcement rejections

Your announcement may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The target group is not specified
  • The announcement does not enhance the experience of all students within the identified segment
  • There is no author
  • There are no contact details for students and/or the publisher for follow-up
  • There is no start and end date included
  • The message is redundant or has already been shared with the targeted student base


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