FAQs – Students

Did you know that…

…the ULink web portal will provide centralized access to all the services you need at the UofL?
It is not meant to replace existing systems such as Moodle, the Library, or the Bridge, but instead consolidate the various systems into one location. Through a single login, the new portal will provide easy access to dates and deadlines, grades, account balances, and course registration. New features will be continuously added over time.

…the student portal will be available to you this summer?
The ULink web portal will be released in phases. The first phase of the web portal will be available to you this summer and we want your feedback on what you think – stay tuned for more information on contests over the summer and fall.

…you can access ULink with your current UofL username and password?
Just enter your UofL username and password in the login box to get access to ULink.

…you can access your e-mail through the ULink web portal?
Google e-mail will be available to you in the fall.

…the ULink web portal will provide you with easy access to information?
You will have access to your course information (times, class room, course web site, etc.), grades, student account information, and more. Announcements and RSS news feeds will be sent to you via the portal.

…we will inform you in case of a crisis?
In case of any emergencies such as snow days, floods, or other crises that do affect you, we will inform you directly. This information can be found in a red box at the top of the screen.Crisis Communication

…single sign-on is secure?
The ULink web portal is fully secured and integrated with the other systems using modern and secure technologies, so you do not have to worry about your security being at risk by integrating these systems. Of course, a big part of your privacy and security depends on you by keeping your password secret and secure, resetting it frequently, and ensuring you log off systems and close your browser as soon as you are done with them.

…you can now check your Bridge Bucks balance?
Bridge Bucks can be used in designated Food Services locations and vending machines around campus, for photocopying, and in the Bookstore. You can now check your remaining card balance in ULink and track where you have used it.

…you can register for classes via the ULink web portal?
A link in ULink will take you directly to the Bridge where you can register for your classes.

…you will have easy access to dates & deadlines and other announcements?
Information about upcoming dates and deadlines as well as other important announcements can easily be viewed in ULink.

…you can see your detailed course information for the current semester?
You can see your classes (and labs) for the current semester, their times, and the class room. If a course is in Moodle, you will see a link that will take you there. You will also have easy access to your final grades.

…you need to ensure you are signed out of all University systems?
Single sign-on gets you into the systems; however, please note that after you have been taken into the other systems through single sign-on, each system maintains its own time out period.  Each of the systems you click on (Moodle, Bridge, Library etc.) will open in a new tab. To protect your information, always ensure you completely close your browser when you are done to ensure you are logged out of all the other University systems.

…that the ULink web portal can easily be accessed on your mobile device?
ULink will automatically adjust to fit whatever device you are using, whether that is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone.

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