FAQs – Faculty & Staff

What is ULink?
The ULink web portal is designed to provide centralized access to information students need during their time at the UofL. It is not meant to replace existing systems such as Moodle, the Library, or the Bridge, but instead consolidate the various systems into one location.

Access to ULink is through a single login, giving students a gateway to all the services they need in one simple step. The new portal is designed to make the web experience more personalized and engaging, as well as provide easy access to dates and deadlines, grades, account balances, and course registration.

New features will be continuously added over time, including the introduction of faculty and staff in future phases of the project.

Who will be using the ULink web portal?
In Phase 1, students will be the primary users. The next version will expand usage for students. Faculty and staff will be introduced to ULink l in future phases.

When will it be available?
To ensure a smooth launch and adoption process, the ULink web portal will be released in phases. The first phase of the web portal will be available to continuing students during the summer of 2014. New students will access ULink in the fall.

How can I log in?
Enter your UofL username and password in the login box.

When is e-mail coming and who will be using it?
Google e-mail will be available to students and alumni later this summer. Students will be able to access their e-mail through the ULink web portal.

What information will students get from the ULink web portal?
Students will have access to their course information (times, class room, course web site, etc.), grades, student account information, and more. Announcements and RSS news feeds will be sent to students via the portal.

What is crisis communication?
Emergency information such as snow days, floods, or other crisis communication can be found at the top of the screen in a red box.Crisis Communication

Can I send targeted messages to a group of students based on given criteria (student athletes, students in residence, students in a specific Faculty etc.)?
For the initial launch, targeted messaging will be limited to the following 7 groups (or a combination of them): Undergraduate, Graduate; Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton Campuses; Applicants; New Admits. If you want to post a targeted announcement, please check back shortly for more details on how that will happen.

Will new high school students or other prospects be able to log into the ULink web portal?
Once someone has applied for admission, received their UofL ID number, and created their username and password, they will be able to log into ULink.

How long does single sign-on last?
Single sign-on gets you into the systems; however, please note that after you have been taken into the other system through single sign-on, each system maintains its own time out period.  To protect your information, always ensure you completely close your browser when you are done to ensure you are logged out of all the other University systems.

After you clicked on a system, does it take you back to the ULink web portal?
Each of the systems you click on (Moodle, Bridge, Library etc.) will open in a new tab.

Can ULink be easily accessed on a mobile device?
ULink will automatically adjust to fit whatever device you are using, whether that is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone.

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