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Improving search on uleth.ca

As you may have seen on the notice board, we have recently experienced some difficulties with the search system on uleth.ca, and have made some changes to both overcome these changes and improve the quality of search results on the U of L web site.

Previously, we had built a custom search tool that was powered by Yahoo. We have received numerous complaints regarding the relevance and quality of search results in the past few years, so we were aware that improvements to the system were necessary. Last week our connection to the Yahoo service quit working entirely, so we took the opportunity to migrate our search system to a Google-powered search embedded into our main Drupal web site.

So far we are finding the results to be much more comprehensive and relevant, and we believe that users of uleth.ca will be pleased with the improvement. We have made an attempt to point all search forms to the new search engine, but it is possible that one or two may have been missed. If you encounter a search form that leads to a “not found” error page, please report it to webmaster@uleth.ca so that we can get it fixed.

Happy searching!