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Next Stop: Portland

It‘s 10:30 the night before leaving for DrupalCon. I am, as usual, both excited and concerned that I’m going to forget to bring something important.

I’ve got my list of things to remember and definitely not forget: business cards, disc golf gear, laptop, iPad, power cables, notebook, pen, headphones, book for the plane … passport. I’m thinking maybe I’ll even pack some clothes, too. Although, I could probably manage with one shirt and just fill out the rest of my wardrobe at vendor tables at the conference.

Anyway, we’ve got a full schedule lined up for the week. Trevor and I will be disc golfing on Monday, and we’ve invited everybody to join us. Most of our team is getting together Monday evening to see the new Star Trek movie before we hit the conference sessions on Tuesday. Tuesday night, of course, is the much anticipated Lullabot party/Orbit concert that I’m far too excited about. After the final day of sessions on Thursday a bunch of us will take to the arcades for the Pinball Pub Crawl. After a day of code sprints on Friday, I believe there will be fireworks as part of the Rose Festival. Sounds like a pretty good way to cap off a busy week.

Okay, time to pack a few more things and get some sleep before an early departure in the morning. Next stop: Portland.

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Git Best Practices: Workflow Guidelines | Lullabot

We’ve been using Git here for a while, but it’s always good to get a best-practice refresher, and some workflow tips and tricks. Lullabot’s Andrew Berry has some good stuff on that front today:

Git is a flexible and powerful version control system. While Git offers significant functionality over legacy centralized tools like CVS and Subversion, it also presents so many options for workflow that it can be difficult to determine what is the best method to commit code to a project. The following are the guidelines I like to use for most software projects contained within a Git repository.

via Git Best Practices: Workflow Guidelines | Lullabot.

Improving search on

As you may have seen on the notice board, we have recently experienced some difficulties with the search system on, and have made some changes to both overcome these changes and improve the quality of search results on the U of L web site.

Previously, we had built a custom search tool that was powered by Yahoo. We have received numerous complaints regarding the relevance and quality of search results in the past few years, so we were aware that improvements to the system were necessary. Last week our connection to the Yahoo service quit working entirely, so we took the opportunity to migrate our search system to a Google-powered search embedded into our main Drupal web site.

So far we are finding the results to be much more comprehensive and relevant, and we believe that users of will be pleased with the improvement. We have made an attempt to point all search forms to the new search engine, but it is possible that one or two may have been missed. If you encounter a search form that leads to a “not found” error page, please report it to so that we can get it fixed.

Happy searching!

The Boss exercise suite | NodeOne

Cool idea from the guys who brought us “Drupal: The Card Game”. Couple this with some good training materials like Lullabot’s and you’ve got a good set of tools for brining new team members up to speed quickly with Drupal.

The Boss suite contais exercises or (relatively) simple tasks, useful if you are just learning Drupal or want to know how to do content management rather than site building.

via The Boss exercise suite | NodeOne.

BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 |

I’ve been a TextMate guy for a while now, but the dearth of updates have had me at least somewhat contemplating giving BBEdit a try. For those Drupal devs using BBEdit, this looks promising:

My BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 includes:

  • All hooks
  • All drupal_* functions
  • All devel module print/debug functions
  • Common functions like t, l, url, check_*
  • Control structures like for, if and switch
  • Snippets for doxygen and function
  • Some theme functions for quick insert into template.php.

via BBEdit Clippings for Drupal 7 |

14 Must Do Items for your Drupal Post-Launch Checklist | Urban Insight Blog

It’s pretty easy to overlook some of these. Make an actual checklist and don’t forget!

To ensure a launch process goes smoothly I like to create three checklists. A pre-launch checklist covers everything you need to do a few days before launch to ensure everything is prepared. A launch checklist outlines the actual process the launch team will go through during the launch window itself. And a post-launch checklist details a variety of tasks you can’t really do until the site is live, and you do a few days after launch.

14 Must Do Items for your Drupal Post-Launch Checklist | Urban Insight Blog.

The “wonder” git documentation | drupal4hu

As we welcome Git as the new version control system for Drupal, there are probably many looking for good learning resources. This comes by way of chx:

lut4rp gave me a link today. I understood git. In minutes. Miracles! […]

The docs is at

Via The “wonder” git documentation | drupal4hu

I agree that Git becomes much more usable when you understand what’s going on under the hood. Another great resource for this is PeepCode’s Git Internals PDF ($12 well spent).

Help us test the CVS -> Git migration! |

I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

Almost exactly one year ago today, the Drupal community reached consensus to migrate our version control system from CVS to Git. Today, the Git migration team is extremely pleased to announce that we are officially open for community testing in advance of our proposed launch date, February 17! Just in time for DrupalCon Chicago!

via Help us test the CVS -> Git migration! |