Next Stop: Portland

It‘s 10:30 the night before leaving for DrupalCon. I am, as usual, both excited and concerned that I’m going to forget to bring something important.

I’ve got my list of things to remember and definitely not forget: business cards, disc golf gear, laptop, iPad, power cables, notebook, pen, headphones, book for the plane … passport. I’m thinking maybe I’ll even pack some clothes, too. Although, I could probably manage with one shirt and just fill out the rest of my wardrobe at vendor tables at the conference.

Anyway, we’ve got a full schedule lined up for the week. Trevor and I will be disc golfing on Monday, and we’ve invited everybody to join us. Most of our team is getting together Monday evening to see the new Star Trek movie before we hit the conference sessions on Tuesday. Tuesday night, of course, is the much anticipated Lullabot party/Orbit concert that I’m far too excited about. After the final day of sessions on Thursday a bunch of us will take to the arcades for the Pinball Pub Crawl. After a day of code sprints on Friday, I believe there will be fireworks as part of the Rose Festival. Sounds like a pretty good way to cap off a busy week.

Okay, time to pack a few more things and get some sleep before an early departure in the morning. Next stop: Portland.

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