Drupal Media Module

With the introduction of Drupal 7 comes a wave of new and improved modules. One of which was being presented yesterday and peeked my curiosity.  As a Drupal developer, one of my biggest headaches is trying to implement a user-friendly system that allows content managers to add photos, videos, and more to their content. This seems to be an area where WordPress has excelled and Drupal has been left in the dust.

The new Media module seems to be a definite step in the right direction. Multiple file uploading, video and audio uploading, photo galleries, drag and drop photo organizing,  and third party service integration are just some of the cool features. And while this module is still in it’s development infancy, it may be ready to roll by the time we decide to make the leap to Drupal 7. Until then, I’ll just have to tinker.

After yesterday’s sessions Wesley, Tanya, and myself headed out for a short walk around the city. Chicago is truly amazing. Here are some shots (please excuse the poor iPhone quality).

Navy Pie!
Air Jordan
Swordfish for dinner
Downtown Chi-town
Another downtown shot

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