December 9, 2016

Police Respond to Hoax

Earlier this afternoon, Lethbridge Police Services (LPS) advised Campus Safety they received an anonymous phone call and were investigating the report of an armed individual near campus. As a precaution, LPS began to maintain a presence on campus as they conducted a search. LPS has issued a statement indicating that the call appears to be unfounded and that they are investigating further. The LPS statement can be found here.


At this time, there is no threat to the security and safety of the University community.


Throughout the situation, Campus Safety was working with LPS and monitoring and evaluating the threat to campus safety and security. The University was prepared to activate its emergency notification system that utilizes all communications tools and platforms to advise the University community of any actions that should be undertaken. The Emergency Notification System utilizes campus phones, computers, websites, smart phone push notification and social media with emergency messaging when warranted.