September Starts With a BANG!

Well, my PSI semester is underway. After a first day of speeches and welcomes and other various housekeeping activities associated with being accepted into Canada’s premier Faculty of Education, my group started classes today! The structure of the PSI program is a little different from other programs. Our classes are kept secret until Orientation Day, when we receive our CRNs to register and our schedule. I scored the mother of all schedules: Tuesdays I don’t start until 10:30am, Wednesday mornings off, Thursday afternoons off and no school on Fridays!
So far it’s been exhausting. There’s not too much to report so far. I’m too tired and overwhelmed to really pass judgment, but I’m expecting it to be a crazy, wonderful, active term!

Now that we’re back in school, be on the look-out for all those awesome things I mentioned! You’ve seen the Fresh Fest crew around campus, drumming up excitement, selling tickets and even dressed up as lemons! Tonight is movie night and I know it’s going to be tons of fun. Rush week starts Monday, and I know clubs are frantically preparing schedules to sit tables and set up posters to draw you in. Lots of excitement during rush week for sure!

Now one thing that’s near and dear to my heart: the Fitness Centre and everything that comes with it. You may have noticed that you pay around $70 per term to have unlimited access to the Fitness Centre… this is a steal! And since it’s mandatory, it’s in your best interest to take full advantage. This year I’ve set myself some fitness goals that I’m pushing to achieve by the end of the semester:

– run a 10K without walking
– bench press 100lbs
– climb a 5.10 route

The gym itself is great. The machines are current and well-maintained, and the track is a great alternative to the dreaded treadmill. As well, they offer drop-in classes in the mornings and at noon, in addition to having full-on fitness classes during the year. You can try out yoga (it’s awesome), spin class (a crazy workout) or even ballroom dancing! As well, sign-ups for intramurals are on! You can put in a team or just sign up as an individual. Sports range from ball hockey and 3-on-3 basketball to dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee. A great way to meet people, and if you’re a certified official in any of our intramurals, a great way to make money!

My favourite part of the gym membership is the access to the Ascent Climbing Centre. The wall at the U is one of the best in any university. It’s actually modeled of a genuine rock face, so you can use the wall itself to climb and not just the holds. The bouldering cave is an immense facility, with routes ranging from basic beginner to ridiculously advanced. Boulderfest is a great way to get involved and spend a whole Saturday hanging out in the cave! You can get your climbing card for free by passing a belay test in the centre, whenever you like. If you don’t know how to belay, or need a refresher, the U offers a course for around $40 for 3 hours that teaches the basics of both climbing, belaying and bouldering. This is a unique experience, and I can’t stress enough how cool it is!

My last thing to push on you here is the ULeth 5K Fun Run/Walk on September 25. It’s a little jaunt around campus in part to welcome Dr. Mahon to our University community. The registration fee is $15, with all proceeds going to Kidsport. Also… the $15 includes a waterbottle and free refreshments! (And if university life has taught me one thing, it’s not to pass up free anything!) So come sign up if it’s your cup of tea. I’ll be there, running those hills and trying not to pass out.

Until next time, pals!

– Bri

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