All This Wandering Has Brought Me Home

What a whirlwind of a summer this has been so far! I got the greatest student job in the world – traveling all summer long. I’ve been up, down and all over Alberta for the last month and a half, and I’m about to leave on a five-week trek of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In between gallivanting all over Canada, I’ve been coming back to Lethbridge to get my condo in order. All the rain we had dumped on us has made for the greenest coulees I’ve seen in all my time living here. It’s been nice to come home and go for a relaxing run in the river valley. The one thing I haven’t missed, which all Leth-bians can attest to is the wind! Taking time off from this city always makes me forget how strong it is.

I’ve reached that point in the summer where all the not going to school is great, but you start to miss classes. You know what I mean? I don’t miss the workload or the stress, but I miss my friends who moved away for the summer, or I miss how everything is busy and filled with people. But there’s only about a month and a half until things get started again!

I’ve started getting emails and Facebook messages about Fresh Fest. New students, returning students and especially first year students… look forward to this! This is the greatest party of the year! The Fresh Fest team puts tons of effort into making sure everyone has a blast the first weekend of the school year. It’s a great time to meet people, tour the campus, talk to older students and have insane amounts of fun. It sounds like there’s going to be great music coming to Lethbridge, and I hope I’ll see everyone out there! The two month countdown is on! For more information about this and to help select bands (or volunteer, for us older students – you younger ones just enjoy!), go to Facebook and search ULSU Fresh Fest under groups.

Now that I’ve talked about how excited I am for school to get underway, I should explain why. I got accepted into my program, Social Studies Education! I stopped by the U today and filled out all my paperwork, so it’s official: this girl is going to be a teacher in two more years! I can’t tell you how exciting it is that all my being a keener last year to get good marks has paid off. This is what I’ve worked my last three years for, and I am looking forward to joining the Faculty.

So bring it on, September! I expect yet another great year from the U of L, and you should too!

– Bri

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