Dragon boats!

Over the weekend I got the chance to stop by Henderson lake to watch the annual dragon boat races! Strangely I had never been to the dragon boat races so it was pretty sweet to see for once. Most of my friends were on a youth team and ended up winning the youth championship. I personally would love to get involved in the races as I heard it’s a lot of fun but I don’t think I’m cut out for it. Some of the teams practice tons and you can see the results. Maybe I’ll join a team just for fun with my friends. Also the U of L has a couple teams I believe so I’ll make sure to look into that for next June as well!

If not I’ll for sure go for the day again and watch more of the races and see the other events that go on during that weekend. It’s really fun to see what goes on in Lethbridge besides it being just a windy city.

Now this next weekend will also be fun packed as Canada day is on a Friday so it will start off a great long weekend. I know lots of places are having special events and discounts which I will make sure to check out. I also hope to stop by during the day to Henderson lake or earlier in the evening to check out what’s going on there. I also heard that this year we’re in for some extra special fireworks with possible music? I guess we’ll find out!

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