Jimmy raps

Jimmy raps is a 20-minute audiovisual composition during which a “rap” is put on display via gestures (instrumental, typographical, spatial, epistemic, ancillary, etc.), which are given tangible form through the use of a biosignal interface and the browser-based textual performance and visualisation interface known as Live Writing (Lee, 2015). Live Writing is a web browser-based textual performance and visualisation interface using Javascript, Web Audio, WebGL and OpenGL Shading Language. It features dynamic and animated text rendering, allowing the performer to explore a potential for visual and musical expression through the creation of live poetry, live electroacoustic sound and temporal typography. The MYO biosignal interface is an electromyography armband with additional inertial measurement sensing (3DoF accelerometer; 3DoF gyroscope).

Live writing interface created by Sang Won Lee

The MYO developed by Thalmic Labs

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